Home and School

Maungaraki Home & School Association is a voluntary non-profit team, linking the School, our Families and the Community in order to support our children to develop their talents, self esteem and character.

Our Objectives:

 Our role is to:

 Raise funds to support the education of our children

  1. Bring the school community together
  2. Support and encourage members and students


All Parents or Caregivers of a Child at Maungaraki School and Staff of Maungaraki School are eligible to be members of Home and School and are entitled to fully participate in meetings.

To enable the smooth running of Home and School there is a committee, with key roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as the school principal, Teacher and BoT representatives. This committee meets twice a term.

We are always seeking more people for involvement in Home and School activities. All levels of commitment are welcome. It is not a requirement to attend meetings to have involvement in Home and School activities and responsibilities.


Please note we have a seperate HOME AND SCHOOL BANK ACCOUNT for payments of school fundraising initiatives: 12-31420281104-01.


In order to achieve this, we need your support in all our fundraising endeavours. We are always keen to hear ideas on how best to achieve these goals. 

Our regular fundraisers will be held throughout the year and we hope to host some fun family events too.

Thank you for supporting our school and our community.